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Waste is here and it is inevitable. It is constantly growing. Waste is piling all over the world. But it seems distant if it is not piling in our backyard. It does not seem our problem. Only now and then we become aware of the size of the problem:

  • when it overflows our favourite beach;

  • when we see devastating pictures of animals,

  • dead because of plastics wrapped around them;

  • children browsing through the piles of waste to find useful things.

Then we see clearly. But just for a moment.

There is too much waste in the world at the moment to be able to remove it and that the Earth would become and stay clean. Continuous efforts are needed. We make it our challenge to deal with it. In an ecological and profitable way. Efforts to reduce the quantity of waste are more or less successful already.

  • We have UN Sustainable Development Goals in using the energy and disposing waste.

  • The EU regulatory framework is one of more visible initiatives that set targets on pretty much every thing (from greenhouse gas emissions to portion of renewable sources of energy to rules on state of waste that can actually be disposed. Pretty much cool, right?

  • Enthusiastic individuals and companies (Boyan Slat, 4ocean, Climeworks ...) supported by the wealthiest inhabitants of the Earth (Breakthrough Energy Ventures) and biggest companies (Audi, Toyota, ...).

Our project supports them all. What we can add to these initiatives is integration, competition and visibility. Our aim is to connect different green waste2fuel technologies into unique and holistic network of value chains. Only together we can achieve climate action goals.

Our first rule is to respect the frameworks, mechanisms and processes in place. The waste management hierarchy in place makes sense:

  • prevent the creation of waste,

  • reuse all you can reuse,

  • recycle what can not be directly used,

  • recover energy from the rest of the waste and as

  • the remedy of last resort landfill.

We found our place in the recovery (that we see also as recycling as Sweden). Why? Because we make one of a kind product from waste, benefiting the nature in various ways:

  • it is better than fossil fuel (higher cetane number),

  • the production is clean, without any harmful or toxic gases,

  • happening at low temperature and without high pressure.

Where are we on the outlined path? We are finalising the development of the first integrated green waste2fuel solution called SynDi, its commercialization and scale up of the solution worldwide.

Project objective is to set-up self-regulating network of value chains connecting:

  • waste producers (households, industry, nature),

  • waste aggregators (waste companies, landfills,...),

  • waste2fuel plants of different providers (starting with CDP technology)

  • wholesale fuel buyers (oil and energy companies).

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And all this globally – all over the world.

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Project objective is to upgrade the SynDi ecosystem and add new production technologies and usage opportunities for the usage of CO2 captured in the CDP process, e.g. produce synthetic fuel with only one side product: O2.

We are seeking for technologies which enable transformation of CO2 into synthetic fuels. Want to know more? Please use our contact form.

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