We are partnering and cooperating with:

  • Local and national governments

  • Research Institutes

  • Technology and business partners

We are completing partner ecosystem and are looking for partners in different countries, spheres of business, technology, science and administration.

We are expecting, that you have:

  • a) Ambition to join the SynDi solution as one of the partners in the value chain (waste management company

Typically, cooperation is open to:

  • a) partners with waste challenge (waste management; input provider)

    • a. You handle waste, produce RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) or SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) out of the remaining waste after recycling and seek economically viable alternatives to incineration or oter contractors

    • b. You can set the synthetic fuel production on-site, you know? Let us show, how easy and how profitable it is.

  • b) partners that have issue with input feedstock (fuel buyer)

    • a. you operate cogeneration or similar production, which uses different (bio)fuels as a feedstock.

    • b. You found out that it is not the right feedstock for you? Contact us. Synthetic fuel might be the solution, produced by you or produced by operator of SynDi Transformer.

  • c) partners that would like to enter into waste2fuel business (waste2fuel producer)

    • a. You find the SynDi solution interesting business opportunity?

    • b. You have the funds, partners, location or any other resource you could better use it?

  • d) partners that would like to help the environment:

    • a. enthusiastic companies who would like to help nature get rid of waste (e.g. plastic soup, wild landfills, ...)

    • b. enthusiastic individuals who would join the community and share the information on our projects and technologies to interested public

  • e) local and national governments seeking to economically and environmentally friendly solve the issue with:

We will be also looking for partners who will help us bring SynDi solution faster to different markets; producers and sellers of SynDi Transformers.

  • Local and national governments: significantly increasing amount of waste produced at homes, industry, commerce and agriculture and absence of an effective strategy for waste management due to lack of efficient waste management,

  • Businesses: high costs of operation of landfills (land, facilities, equipment, vehicles, machineries)

  • Businesses: high cost of managing residual waste to be cross-border transported to specialized facilities (e.g. incinerators, pyrolysis ...),

  • Local and national governments, individuals: environmental impact of present landfills on health results in low support of the surrounding community,

  • Businesses: the regulation of the waste management imposes high environmental/oriented demands for operation of the landfill facilities and additionaly limits cross-border migration of waste.

Want to know more, what is in for you? Want to join our partner system? Contact us!