AAAA+ solution

The solution is making resource out of burden. Using SynDi solution waste becomes renewable energy source, that is:

Available: waste is here and growing
ffordable: low or negative prices to use it
ccessible: aggregated, processed and ready to use
cceptable: does not interfere with the food chain
+ produces useful output (synthetic fuel)

Zero waste

Waste does not go to waste, it is used to make world a cleaner place and to make/save money for every stakeholder. Eco-friendly, green energy production, without any harmful side products. All products (fuel) and by-products (CO2, water and sludge) are usable.

Carbon negative

GGreenhouse gas can becomes raw material. Do you have any potential technology enabling transformation of C02 into synthetic fuel? Join our C- project we are preparing. Please contact us.

Who benefits what:

  • Local and national governments are enabled to design and implement effective waste to fuel management strategy that will supported by entire community. Compared to other existing solutions (e.g. incinerators, pyrolysis), Syndi does not produce no harmful gasses, smell, dust, noise and other negative health impact.

  • Waste management companies significantly reduce waste management costs

  • Investors in waste2fuel plants earn premium profit from the SynDi Fuel production

  • a cost-effective synthetic fuel production lowers per-liter-price for energy companies which means higher margins

  • fuel retailers do not need to invest anything in the new infrastructure and customer awareness since SynDi Fuel is offered thought the existing logistics and retail infrastructure.

  • end-users gain better price-performance than from fossil fuels meaning higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption

  • communities in vicinity to W2F plants do not experience negative health and environmental impact

  • and that nature will be significantly relieved of waste and greenhouse gases

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