Our projects are oriented on green waste 2 fuel solutions and boosting business and political environment locally and globally.

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Technologies support the value chain from a trash bin to your pocket. Our waste2fuel ecosystem enables every stakeholder having control over what happens to waste. Do you have a solution that fits into this value chain? Or do you want to take part in the value chain?



The benefits of the waste2fuel ecosystem are threefold:

  1. AAAA+ solution
  2. Zero waste solution
  3. Carbon negative solution


Why SynDi Technology?

Premium return

well over 40% return for the investor from the production alone

Sharing benefits

All in value chain profits: >50% lower waste mngm, >40% return of W2F, +25% margin of SynDi Fuel


Most probably the only CDP machine with stabilized production in the World


Mimics the natural process. Eventual substitute technology will hard to have better efficiency


BigData, IoT, AI & Blockchain are add-on for sustainable competitive advantage


Still to come: SynDi Platform, CO2 negative, Smart recycle bin… are guarantee for permanent premium returns

First mover advantage

Being first & having comparable best technology lower investment risk

The Dream Team

Highly capable and responsible team with prominent personal references are capable to complete the project!